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Distributer & Tamper Combination

for: Coffee Barista's

materials: Concept Render, Steel, Walnut

year: 2021

dimensions:70cm x 70cm x 115cm [LxWxH]

Video highlighting design and mechanics of this design.

By using precision fitted design, it is able to eliminate the possibility of the fine particles of the coffee powers to get into the mechanics of the design.

After doing research around local café's and interviewing barista's, I gathered and collated a few responses and started work on a design to increase the productivity of their work.


Looking at ways to increase productivity while being able to be consistent is the essence of a barista. Traditionally a distributer and tamper are 2 different tools for two different purpose, however, they are very similar as well.


Finding this opportunity and after discussion with the barista's, the form and the design was thus created, with extensive prototyping and modeling to perfect the ergonomics.

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