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Facial Threading Machine

Concept Design

for: Gillette Labs

year: 2021

Overall Shot.jpg

In my concept design for P&G, I've created an innovative threading machine to revolutionize the threading process, ensuring enhanced precision, convenience, and comfort for consumers. By integrating advanced technologies and ergonomic design, the P&G threading machine aims to simplify the process and broaden accessibility for a diverse user base.


Quick Prototypes each tackling different parts of the design.

Tread dimensions and tension. Overall Concept. Ergonomics.

I also found that there is an increase in the use of threading for facial hair removal in both genders, however, there was no market for it and only 1 faulty design out there. 


Inspiring the design and creation of an entirely new market for P&G Gillette Design Lab, targeting the high-end user demographic, while allowing access to people to easily use a single hand to emulate the effects of traditional threading.

Object Render
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