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Designing for conversion and connections

for: personal exploration

year: 2023

What if products designed for autonomy necessitate collaboration to function?

How would that alter our behavior and community engagement compared to those that prioritize convenience and autonomy?

Brooms Compilation Photo
Research Phase

To gain a deeper understanding of the research and philosophies, I created several minimum viable products (MVP) to explore and analyze individual components before integrating them together.

The first MVP focuses on understanding our relationship with the aesthetic of smoothness, as discussed in Byung-Chul Han's "Saving Beauty."

I designed and manufactured a gallery bench with a unique twist by incorporating unconventional materials not typically found in such benches.

The second MVP investigates Marshall McLuhan's concept of "The Medium is the Message," aiming to comprehend how the form or method of receiving information influences our understanding.

I redesigned a material sample booklet by transforming the square 1" x 1" format of materials into a beveled rectangular shape that we all know and love. This alteration aimed to explore how it would impact users' interaction with the materials.

The third MVP focuses on integrating the two concepts from the previous MVPs into the functions and redesign of an everyday object that resonates with everyone. In this case, the chosen object is a straw.

Creating a product that shifts from individual use to requiring collaboration, the development of the 4-way straw raises questions about individual responsibility within a community and encourages individuals to consider the "bigger picture" rather than focusing solely on themselves.